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Yuda Rangga

Senior Lawyer

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Yuda Rangga Prana, S.H., M.H., was born in Jakarta on April 25th, 1981, has more than 5 years’ of legal experiences as Lawyer since joined Law Firm Wintama & Co. until to 2016. During that period many lot of civil and criminal cases handled by him. Those experiences made him expert in the following areas from Corporate Law, Foreign Investement, Land and Property Law, Consumer Protection Law, Labor Law, Mining Law, Family Law, Administrative Law, to Corruption Law.

Yuda holds the Advocate License issued by Indonesia Bar Association (PERADI), and has the ability to deal of any cases, which is generally of the cases is in every institution either in District Court, Commercial Court, Islamic Religion Court, Administrative Court, Indonesia Arbitration Board (BANI), Police Office of Republic of Indonesia, and General Attorney Office of Republic of Indonesia.




Graduated from the Faculty of Law for Bachelor Degree, at University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Majoring in Civil Law.



Graduated from the Faculty of Law Postgraduate Program (master Degree), at University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Major in Economic and Business Law.

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