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Indra Prasetia


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Indra Prasetia has more than 20 years of experience working and practicing in Banking and Corporate and Commercial Disputes Lawyer. His working experiences as an in house lawyer in Banks such as Deutsche Bank AG, Industrial Bank of Japan (recently known as Mizuho Bank) and Senior Lawyer in Law Firms such as Lexindo Consultant and Hotman Paris & Partners Law Firm make him an expert in handling diverse legal areas in Corporate and Commercial disputes such as Corporate Law, Banking Law and Secured Transaction, Foreign and Local Investment Law, Land and Property Law including Plantation, Trade Law, Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payment Law, Administrative Law, Corruption, Mining, Shipping Law and Family Law.

Ever since he has his advocate license from Indonesian Bar Association, as a commercial litigation lawyer, he has been representing his clients inĀ District Court, Religion Court, Administrative Court, Commercial Court, Indonesia Arbitration Chambers, Corruption Court, High Court and Supreme Court, Republic of Indonesian Police and Republic of Indonesian Attorney in any stage.

Indra Prasetia was recorded as a Senior Lawyer at Hotman Paris & Partners for more than 3 years and one of the founders and runner of Wintama & Co. Law Firm for 10 years. He holds a Master Degree in Law and Curator/Administrator/Receiver License for Bankruptcy and Suspension Payment of Debt case.




Graduated from the Faculty of Law for Bachelor Degree, at Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia. Major: Economic and Business Law.



Graduated from the Faculty of Law Postgraduate Program (master Degree), at University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Major in Economic and Business Law.

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